the 7×7 matrix

after many iterations, i think the structure of this project will be a 7×7 matrix.
one dimension of 7 would be the 7 adharas of the kundalini.,
for the other 7, i am still refining the definition.
for some of the layers, i need a lot of anecdotes and experiences from practitioners.
if you would like to collaborate / contribute, pls let me know


Origins of my idea

The model of software kundalini is inspired by the Kundalini school of thought.

While it is popularly considered as a Hindu school of thought, the idea of layering consciousness and mapping them to the human body is not new.

I came across this article that is a good pointer to how this concept has been articulated in different cultures / schoold of thought.

The basic assumption is that the spirit that resident in a person, needs to be awakened and slowly guided to higher levels of consciousness till it can reach the highest – seventh – level.

In addition to being a model, it has also been packaged as a set of practices, popularly known as Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is expected to be learnt under close guidance and supervision of a master, who has progressed in this path.

In this project, I am hoping to explore the similarities between the Kundalini model and a model for increasing maturity of an individual as a professional.

there have been many attempts in the past, including the Personal Software Process, by Dr. Watts Humphrey, to scale down a maturity  model in the context of an individual.

I find that a discussion of software engineering practices alone would not be complete unless it is linked to and interpret in the more holistic context of the business outcome expected to be created by the software solution.

this, then, makes the model multi layered – i prefer to call this multi-layered, rather than multi-dimensional – as each of these dimensions also need to evolve and adapt to the roles and contributions expected from an individual, as the person grows in stature.

I will, in the courese of time, first define the layers as defined by Kundalini and then explain the analogies in the personal effectivess than can also be mapped to these layers.

with this model, we will then explore the practices associated with each of these layers as well as an approach to progress from one layer to the next.

I hope that through the collective experience and advice, the practices can be complemented with appropriate tools and techniques that have been tested, for the benefit of the individual wmbarking on this path of self development.

In tying up these tracks, it is my desire to weave a story that could make the work product a lighter read, to enable creation of executive summaries or digests of the topic.

I would appreciate if you could respond to this quick poll with your first reaction and comments.


look forward to your support for this long dreamt project of mine.

Pillaiar Chuzhi!

Welcome to the world of Software Kundalini.

When starting something new and on top of a blank page, the first thing to do is to write the Pillaiar Chuzhi!

now that i have started, help me develop this further.

check the site frequently and do share yoru thoughts.

i will post some postulates over the next few weeks.